Loredana Celano

Ausstellung bis zum 06. November 2021 (Finissage).

The galery will contiue its work with Loredana Celanos work ALTER EGO

This is Simone, Carmelo, Alessadro.
Simone is in his dressing room getting ready for the evening show. We capture them at the beginning of their transformation, standing in front of a mirror. Bleached face and thick, dark eyebrows. The moment is intimate and engaging. Suspended here between two identities, we are invited to join in a moment of personal transformation. Stripping the image in soft black and white and in the foreground, Loredana’s image is a thoughtful reflection on identity, genre and performance …


Loredana Celano is based in Milan, Italy.

She is a freelance photographer, she collaborates with various photographic agencies and newspapers such as: Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, La Stampa, National Geographics Italia. She deals with Social, Landscape and Portrait with particular attention to research photography through new contamination languages. Her work explores several fields including the relationship between individuals and their environment.

And we will have some music at the opening day! Vintage groove and funk vibes provided by Simiam Ghan and Friends. USA-born keyboardist Simiam is a rising star in the underground funk worlds of Munich and Berlin.